The Artis team, as well as a host of guest writers from across the industry discuss creativity, learning and wellbeing, and advise readers on how they can use music, drama and movement to explore the core curriculum in schools.

A View from Home

The word home does not have to refer to an actual place, the house or flat that you live in. We can use the word home to mean where we feel most happy, most comfortable, most like ourselves.

03 Apr 2020 Watercolour Fox
Creative Learning Resources during school closures

We’ve collated some general resources which we hope will ensure creativity remains central to children’s learning at home or at school. We will continue to update this page with creative learning resources over the coming weeks.

20 Mar 2020
Top Tips for bringing “Off the Canvas” back to school

The Off The Canvas project brings James Webb’s Victorian-era painting of Mont St Michel (c.1868) to life in the Guildhall Art Gallery, but there’s no reason for the explorations to end there!

14 Jan 2020 Mont St Michel Painting
Bringing Art to Life through Movement & Dance: Dancing Brushstrokes

An artist uses a range of different brushstrokes – sometimes dark, strong, heavy lines or perhaps light, free and indirect curves. All of these qualities can be transferred to movement.

10 Dec 2019 Paint brush image
A Broad and Balanced Curriculum: Creativity in the New Ofsted Framework

In this blog we have gone through the new Ofsted Framework and highlighted some of the key changes and what these changes could mean for creativity in schools

02 May 2019
Artis wins an award!

Artis Foundation won the Performing Arts & Music category at the beginning of March for their You, Me, Together mental health and well being project.

27 Mar 2019
Exercising the creative muscle

“Whether it’s a fitness goal, a work achievement, a promise to be more environmentally friendly, or a pledge to your personal wellbeing: commitment and dedication is the best way to create lasting change. In the same way that you need to undertake regular physical exercise to build and stretch muscles, we need to engage children with the arts on a regular basis to really see the impact it can have and create deep long-lasting transformation.”

15 Jan 2019
Crackers and Creativity : Festive Activities for the Classroom

The festive season is upon us so we’ve got some fun and festive Artis activities for those last few days of term before the winter break.

18 Dec 2018
Fundraising for your school

The squeeze in school budgets means that more schools are having to look further afield to other income streams for alternative sources of funding for necessary provisions. If you are looking for grant funding for your school then here are some of our tips for funding applications.

10 Dec 2018 Artis Music
Pupil Premium and creative arts provision

Artis attended the Pupil Premium Westminster Insight Conference along with 150 delegates from schools and trusts across the country. Find out how Artis can support Pupil Premium objectives through creativity.

28 Nov 2018

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