Apply to become an Artis Specialist starting in September 2016


Artis will be looking for performing arts specialists to join our team in the London, Midlands, West Yorkshire and Greater Manchester from September 2016.

Find out more about what Artis does, what you gain from joining our talented team of Specialists and when to apply below.

What do we do?

Artis helps children achieve at school by integrating the performing arts throughout their learning. Artis creates a very different experience from a typical classroom by linking music, drama and dance to curriculum learning as facilitated by performing arts specialists (Artis Specialists). Working as an Artis Specialist gives practitioners a platform to use their creativity within an educational context, offering training and support along the way. We attract the best practitioners because we respect and nourish artistic talent.

What are we looking for?

Artis Specialists to join our thriving team: highly skilled, imaginative and versatile performing arts specialists who can commit to delivering our creative curriculum on an ongoing basis (weekly – term time) across the course of the forthcoming academic year in primary schools. Artis Specialists deliver anything from half a day to 4 days a week, returning to the same school(s) each week throughout the academic year.

The ideal candidate will have experience and a passion for working with children in an educational setting and be open to delivering holistically. We’re looking for practitioners with a flair for communication, who are open to new challenges and are inspired to nurture creativity in children.

It is essential that candidates are available to commit to ongoing, regular work in order to be considered for this role. Opportunities will be available to apply in March for work in London, the Midlands, Greater Manchester and West Yorkshire – a willingness to travel within your region is essential.

What do you gain?

Access to our award winning training and development programme, delivered by experts in their field and experienced Artis Specialists alike. Our training covers all aspects of the performing arts – music, drama and dance as well as filmmaking and language development for EAL learners.

Access to an accredited Postgraduate Diploma in performing arts leadership at a subsidised cost. This two year part-time course is optional for Artis Specialists and provides them with an opportunity to develop and hone their leadership and performing arts teaching skills alongside their work with us.

Support through our excellent mentoring system to advise on every aspect of planning and delivery. Our Mentors meet with Artis Specialists regularly and support them throughout the academic year.

Competitive daily rates: starting at £100 in the first year of delivery.

How to apply

Applications will open for our next round of recruitment at the end of March.

Updates regarding recruitment for Artis Specialists are posted on our Facebook page. Please like our facebook page to stay up to date.

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